Without looking for it, he had access to Ian Norbury's blog, considered one of the best woodcarvers in the world, and an excellent pedagogue. From that moment he did not ask any more and he dedicated himself to follow all the teachings that Ian Norbury had published and continued to publishing (books, DVDs and his website). He consider Ian Norbury your master in this wood carving art.

In 2013 he made an exhibition of his first carvings in his town.

At present he is involved in perfecting the technique and increasing the level of difficulty of his works.

José Ramón Boix Mesado was born in Burriana (Castellón) Spain at 1955, and is the place where he lives. He studied in the Salesians College of Burriana and Agricultural Technical Engineering in Valencia. He worked during 28 years in a multinational company dedicated to Plant Protection. Today he is retired.

At the end of 2007 he decided to start wood carving as a hobby and autodidact. Visiting a lot of websites, watching YouTube videos, buying books and DVDs. The first steps were following tutorials from the Asturtalla web.

His first carvings were reliefs of floral motifs, and soon he passed to high-reliefs (challenge for finding the difficulty).

Getting the tools to develop this hobby was the first difficulty, because there aren’t shops near Burriana. Internet solved everything, and little by little he was acquiring the necessary tools for the different modalities of carving that has been developing.

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