Ramón Boix

My workshop is a 4x3 meter wooden house that I have in the garden.

The gouges, most Pfeil, I have in two suitcases to keep them in the house at night.

Various measuring instruments. And of course, pencil and rubber.

Fastening elements for the different sizes of the pieces to be carved.

Homemade clamping tool for larger carvings.

With an old washing machine motor I have made a polishing machine for gouges and knives.

Simple turning machine that works with an adjustable speed drill.

HERMES abrasive strips from 80 to 400. The piece of carving, for me, must be as thin as possible.

Essential tool for sharpening gouges and knives.

Band saw with blade of 10 mm and 6 d.p.i. To remove excess wood.

Mini-band saw for small pieces.

Dremel with accessories for delicate zones.

Already used pieces of abrasives

 strips and sandpaper.

A good 5x magnifying glass for small details.

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